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A video gamification virtual platform

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Our state-of-the-art interactive game engine will make you addicted to playing and keep you coming back for more.
Currencies, points, rewards, leaderboards, - we got you covered. Make your game all about creativity or competitiveness. The choice is yours!

Gamify Philippines is an online service that offers interactive, fun, and easy games for online and live streaming virtual events. We will design and customize a game room for your organization.

The games are designed to maximize interaction and engagement. You can play them before a meeting starts, in-between, or at the end! Play them during your virtual events such as your team buildings, happy hours, sales presentations, town halls, classes, conferences, sales kick-off, Christmas parties, private parties, reunions and so much more.

At Gamify Philippines, we're all about participation and engagement. It's easy to join a game – Gamify Philippines is a web app, which means all players and participants can play, interact with no downloads or app installs required.